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Tue, Aug. 29th, 2006, 02:19 pm

I'm leaving soon. I'm leaving tomorrow at 7:05 Pacific Standard Time to go to the lovely Country of Switzerland.
I want to make a new journal, I'd like to, its be great, stellar at that.
Alas there is no time and I am weighed down with packing, sleeping, tanning - yes I know I'm going to the country of white capped moutians but I like it, searching for our lost puppy, ensuring a ride to the airport,entertaining an out of town guest, trying to get all my work done, battling a headache, and trying to convince myself that my neurotic cat will survive 2 weeks and not subsequently drive my roommates insane with her incessant meowing.
So you see there is no time for this new journal stuff.

I got shoes with owl's on them for my trip. Look forward to new posts.

Thu, Aug. 31st, 2006 04:15 pm (UTC)
eclypsed: Glad you're safe

Well hello from Canada - glad you got to Switzerland - was not sure which day you were leaving. Did you by any chance have an opportunity to pay the rent? If not, no problem. Just let me know.

Gramma says hello and that Vancouver is beautiful. Today we are going to the museum of anthropology and to see the totem poles at Stanley Park. We went there at dark the other day and did not see them.

Found the roots factory outlet store and had a blast.
Love to you and look forward to your journies.